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548 Combined Years of Service

105 Counties Served Across Kansas

862 Facility Discharges

Achieving Independence

Minds Matter, LLC is an organization dedicated to helping people across Kansas regain an independent life at home following a brain injury.

For over 30 years, our model of care has empowered people to find joy in their lives and successfully live with their injury—utilizing an individualized rehabilitation approach based on relationship-centered care.

Most importantly, our model focuses on helping people access services and navigate systems of care while living in their own homes instead of living in a group home or nursing facility. Not only do we believe this approach is more effective, we believe it’s what’s right.

Our Core Values

Creative, Person-Centered, Inclusive, Advocacy, Of the Community

Our Focus

Our passion is to unlock the potential of our community

Our Niche

To assist people of all abilities to live, work, and play in their communities.


Our Consumers Share Their Stories

Thank you for being such an amazing organization! Your team was priceless to us when our son came home 3 years ago after his TBI. I wish we were in a place where I could make a career change because I would do it in a heartbeat 💜

Kristine Logan

Minds Matter is always there for my members. I know that they will never give up on the toughest cases. They will be in constant communication not only with my member and the member’s support team, but Insurance Care Manager as well. They are very inventive think out of the box to assist with a mu...

Sunflower Health Plan

As a partner in providing services to people with brain injury, Minds Matter is a go-to organization for knowledgeable and dedicated teams providing support in a person-centered approach. In my experience in working with Minds Matter over the past two years, I have confidence in their experienced an...

United Healthcare Community & State – Kansas

I can honestly say I love working at Minds Matter! I feel so fortunate to be a part of an organization that makes such a difference in the lives of others. We help consumers work on goals that are meaningful to them in their homes and communities. Our multidisciplinary approach works with the whole...

Madeline Beham

Minds Matter

I have worked for Minds Matter for over a decade as a Speech Language Pathologist. It is, by far, the most client-focused organization for which I have ever worked. It is a small company where I have enjoyed the flexibility and independence which I have experienced all the years I have worked ther...

David Davis

Speech Language Pathologist , Minds Matter

I’ve been a COTA for 9 years and never felt like I was able to reach my full potential (even holding management positions), until I began working at Minds Matter. This organization is like none other. Not only is Janet amazing but so are all the other staff members. We get to be in the community m...

Melyssa Warren-King

Minds Matter

What has my 7 years of service taught me? That minds matter. This is a company of well educated people. They all share the same heart for bettering the lives of those affected by T.B.I. Consisting of both assistants and licensed therapists. They willingly give their all with what is available. Some...

Brittlyn Lee

I first came into contact with Janet Williams and Minds Matter in 2016. My son, who was 12 at the time, was injured in an accident and sustained a severe TBI. He was in the hospital for 2 months, then outpatient rehab for 5 months. When he was discharged from his daily outpatient program, I had no ...

Annie Martin

I owe Minds Matter my life!?! Long story 2015 my husband past away​, leaving me with no Income or medical insurance. I'm disabled but my case was in appeals with social security. I lost our home, my car, my cat ran away and my 11 year old Mastiff died Christmas morning. I was homeless...

Sharon Dickinson

Minds Matter LLC Is a lifesaver! They've been there for me ever since the beginning when I was first at KU Medical Center! They're a true blessing in my life, if it wasn't for them and their wonderful staff, therapists and everyone involved. I wouldn't be as far as I am now and where I'm at today!

Cameron Arens

The therapists are AWESOME! I'm actually glad I have had to open up my home to them. It is wonderful to have an agency like this available. I have learned so much from them, and they are so willing to help me, the caregiver. We are not alone!!

Tiffany Gross

Eric’s Journey

I really enjoyed my time at the all staff meeting in Emporia. If I am being completely honest, I was extremely nervous and was not as eager to attend as some of the other employees probably were. As someone who has severe social anxiety, my first reaction was panic. I love working remotely and that ...

Hannah Henning

Cognitive and Behavioral Therapist , Minds Matter, LLC

Juan’s Story

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Minds Matter, LLC is dedicated to helping those with brain injuries live independent lives from their own homes by providing excellent independent living services in Kansas. If you have a passion for helping others thrive following a traumatic event, we are always on the lookout for the best and brightest candidates to work with consumers. People with lived experience are strongly encouraged to apply.

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