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Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy in Kansas

Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy

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Helping Individuals Regain & Relearn Their Skills

A brain injury and its effects will vary from person to person.

However, cognitive issues are perhaps the most commonly associated with these particular events. Many experience challenges with functions such as memory, attention, organization, information processing, and more.

Minds Matter, LLC provides leading cognitive rehabilitation therapy services throughout the state of Kansas through our network of highly trained cognitive therapists. Our therapists utilize an individual-focused approach and combine it with proven techniques, strategies, and treatment plans to provide successful outcomes for those we work with.

Goals of Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy

Cognitive therapy uses real-life situations to help individuals develop personalized strategies that improve their problem solving, organization, and processing skills. Minds Matter, LLC and its cognitive therapists use proven techniques to teach people how to create their own systemic processes—while also helping them divide challenging tasks into small, attainable goals.

Some common aspects of cognitive rehabilitation therapy include:

Identifying individual needs

Increasing awareness of brain injuries

Resolving emotional/behavioral issues

Using technology to reinforce routines

Developing compensation strategies for memory

Integrating employment/educational goals

Integrating independent living goals

Explore transportation and community resources

Our Individual-Centered Approach

Minds Matter utilizes a collaborative approach to consumer care, whether at home or via telehealth services. Our number one priority has been and always will be the people we serve. Everyone has different goals when it comes to living and regaining their independence. We listen to these goals and combine them with our team’s extensive knowledge in order to help you reach them.

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About Minds Matter

For over 30 years, Minds Matter has focused on people being in charge of their own lives as they rehabilitate from a brain injury.

We firmly believe in putting the individual at the center of each decision and interaction. Based on our experience, this method has allowed more consumers to thrive and lead fulfilling lives on their own terms.

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