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Occupational Therapy in Kansas

Occupational Therapy

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Helping Individuals Work Toward Independence

For individuals who’ve experienced a brain injury, relearning their daily tasks and routines is a vital part of their rehabilitation.

Whether it’s putting on clothes, making meals, engaging in leisure activities, or other everyday tasks, occupational therapy helps people regain the ability to perform the functions many of us take for granted.

Combining a personalized approach with proven therapeutic techniques and strategies, Minds Matter, LLC provides state-wide occupational therapy in Kansas—producing successful outcomes for hundreds of different people.

Goals of Occupational Therapy

Minds Matter, LLC works with licensed, highly trained occupational therapists to ensure that individuals can regain an independent lifestyle through regaining or retraining functional performance, or within an adapted environment. Consumers can expect their at-home or telehealth therapy to focus on achieving the following outcomes:

Re-engage in daily activities/routines

Live safely in-home and community environments

Improve cognitive and physical capabilities

Develop strategies for success in managing routines

Learn to modify the home or environment to aid in daily routines

Pursue hobbies, interests, passions

Return to work when ready

Gain confidence with successful outcomes

Our Individual-Centered Approach

Minds Matter utilizes a collaborative approach to consumer care. Our number one priority has been and always will be the people we serve. Everyone has different goals when it comes to living and re-gaining their independence. We listen to these goals and combine them with our team’s extensive knowledge in order to help you reach them.

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About Minds Matter

For over 30 years, Minds Matter has focused on people being in charge of their own lives as they rehabilitate from a brain injury.

We firmly believe in putting the individual at the center of each decision and interaction. Based on our experience, this method has allowed more consumers to thrive and lead fulfilling lives on their own terms.

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