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Individuals who suffer a brain injury can experience varying levels of speech and language problems.

In some cases, these issues may show as difficulty finding words, forming sentences, or using expressions out of order. Others may experience significantly slowed speech patterns, slurring of words and/or swallowing disorders.

Because communication is such a crucial part of everyday life and connecting with others, speech therapy in Kansas plays a pivotal role in a person’s rehabilitation. Minds Matter, LLC works with licensed speech-language pathologists across the state to help individuals assess and improve their language, cognition, motor speech and conversational skills.

Goals of Speech Therapy

Minds Matter and its highly trained speech-language pathologists have helped 100s of individuals throughout Kansas overcome issues with mental cognition, communication, and swallowing. Our SLPs take a personalized approach to each person’s rehab and develop creative solutions that improve a person’s ability to understand and express thoughts, ideas, and feelings as well as safely eat and drink.

Common goals of speech therapy in Kansas include:

Increasing problem-solving abilities

Increasing attention and memory

Improving vocal quality and projection

Developing fluent speech

Understanding others and improving hearing acuity

Enhancing overall social skills

Enhancing self-esteem and independence

Ensure swallow safety when eating/drinking

Our Individual-Centered Approach

Minds Matter utilizes a collaborative approach to consumer care, whether at-home or via telehealth services. Our number one priority has been and always will be the people we serve. Everyone has different goals when it comes to living and re-gaining their independence. We listen to these goals and combine them with our team’s extensive knowledge in order to help you reach them.

About Minds Matter

For over 30 years, Minds Matter has focused on people being in charge of their own lives as they rehabilitate from a brain injury.

We firmly believe in putting the individual at the center of each decision and interaction. Based on our experience, this method has allowed more consumers to thrive and lead fulfilling lives on their own terms.

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