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Erica Bates is a highly accomplished and dedicated leader who joined Minds Matter in 2013, currently serving as the organization's president. With an unwavering passion for making a positive impact in communities, Erica is committed to ensuring equal opportunities and choices for individuals with brain injuries. Her extensive experience as a licensed and credentialed speech-language pathologist, spanning over 15 years in the field of brain injury, is greatly valued. Recognizing the importance of continuous professional growth, Erica obtained her certified brain injury specialist designation in 2013 and later became a certified brain injury specialist trainer in 2014. Her genuine desire to advance the field is evident through her active involvement as a member on the Kansas Brain Injury Advisory Board since 2018. Erica also contributes her expertise to the Brain Injury Association of Kansas and Greater Kansas City, where she serves on the conference planning committee since 2016. Currently pursuing a PhD in Therapeutic Science at the University of Kansas Medical Center, Erica's research focuses on home and community-based brain injury waivers, program evaluation, case studies, and scale development. Her valuable work aims to enhance understanding, provide choice, and improve outcomes for individuals affected by brain injuries.

Fun Facts

Erica's dedication extends beyond her professional pursuits. She is a passionate advocate for community-based brain injury services and shares her insights and knowledge as a presenter at state, national conferences, and international conferences. In her leisure time, Erica finds solace in activities such as gardening, kayaking, and exploring new recipes, cherishing moments spent with her family and friends. An interesting tidbit about Erica is that she resides on a gravel road and enjoys indulging in at least one nap per week in her beloved hammock. Her colleagues fondly recognize her as the "loudest typist" in the office, a testament to her energetic and efficient work ethic.

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