Benefits of Working With Minds Matter


We firmly believe in helping people by giving them the tools to live fulfilling lives on their own terms. Our approach centers on empowering individuals to become self-advocates as they relearn and regain the skills required to live, work, and play independently within their communities.


We have over 30 years of experience working with consumers and advocating alongside them. In addition to licensed and highly trained providers performing our services, we also offer a number of different educational resources and contacts to help people based on their unique goals.


Through years of first-hand experience, Minds Matter and its staff have learned that the best approach to functional rehabilitation is a collaborative one. Working closely with key stakeholders, we're able to develop a complete understanding of the person's strengths, challenges, and goals in order


Our methods for brain injury rehabilitation have helped thousands of individuals and families across the state of Kansas. The people who work with us see success that they once felt was unattainable, and many join the Minds Matter team in order to help others reach those same milestones.

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